Blake Model Management is a boutique company that originated in Detroit Michigan. We look for fashion models throughout the US. Our company is a placement company only that looks for exclusive talent that we feel have the ability to work as successful fashion models throughout the US and internationally!

The creation of Blake Model Management was inspired by Blake Burtchaell, a model that we discovered, then tested with Los Angeles photographer Rodney Ray and shortly after submitted to national and international clients and agencies. He was immediately requested to be photographed by a very well known Paris photographer Cyprien Leym which then led to Blake’s first booking a week later for a spread in a magazine, www.blakemag.com!

Thank you Blake Burtchaell, and to my close friend and mentor Chris Forberg, who inspires me everyday. Chris Forberg has been a director of models for over 25 years and now resides as a head director at DNA Models in NY.